Visiting Gubbio means living unique experiences, such as the Middle Ages Festival at the end of September; the biggest Christmas Tree in the world (in the Guinness Book since 1991), realized every year in Monte Ingino, where the colored headlights are powered by kilometers of electric cables. 650 meters, over 250 green lights, 300 multi-colored lights and a 1,000-sqm star made of 200 lights. At the bottom of the tree, a life-size nativity is created. Every year, on 7 December, this celebration attracts tourists from all over the attend the lighting of the tree. A unique suggestion in the world! And finally, the Festa dei Ceri, a centuries-old event that takes place every year in Gubbio on May 15th. It is a race to celebrate Saint Ubaldo, the patron of Gubbio, bringing the Ceri from the church of Santa Maria Nuova, in the city center, to the Basilica of Sanit Ubaldo. The Ceri are three huge wooden elements weighing about four quintals eachone, with the statues of Saint’ baldo, Saint Giorgio, and Saint Antonio Abate, carried on the shoulder and running along the streets of the historic center. An exciting dive into the past to live intensely Gubbio and Umbria!
And then the Roman Theater, the Palazzo dei Consoli, with the wonderful facade on the hanging square, the Duomo, the Palazzo Ducale, or simply the small alleys of the historic center: your journey in Gubbio will be a suspended journey in time and space!