Umbria is a land where a millennial artistic and cultural heritage blends with a green and lush nature. The landscapes evoke and inspire beauty. The air of the woods, the smell of moss on the centuries-old trees, the scent of flowers, the view of lush greenery: state-of-the-art nature! The most suggestive naturalistic attraction is the Monte Cucco Park, dominated by century trees, natural beauty and history. To access the park, you can follow the path of Via Flaminia which now, as in the past, crosses the whole area from north to south, passing through historic villages such as the fortifications of the ancient castle in Costacciaro. You reach the peak by car or on a hike. You can visit the Grotta del Monte Cucco, one of the largest karst formations in Italy with its thirty kilometers of tunnels. This ridge is also suitable for gliding, cross-country skiing, trekking, and even caving, canyoning and paragliding. And from here you can also spot wolves or golden eagles!
But Gubbio is also the ideal place from which moving to visit some beautiful places in Umbria: Assisi, a small village of great beauty and spirituality, with its Franciscan churches, the Basilica of Saint Francesco, the Temple of Minerva; Perugia itself, with its seven entrance doors; Città di Castello, rich in art and history; up to go towards Spoleto, the city of the Festival dei Due Mondi, with its amazing Rocca Albornoziana, the Roman theater, the Ponte delle Torri, whose beauty is the set for the popular Don Matteo TV movie!