Food in Umbria is simple and made of genuine products such as olive oil, which is ideal for bruschetta, grilled meats and vegetables; the typical Umbrian black truffle, which characterizes many traditional dishes, such as Easter Pizza, a savory panettone flavored with pecorino cheese. And then, the lentils of Castelluccio, tiny and with a very soft skin, the cured meats of Norcia, the strangozzi, a fresh local pasta.
Gubbio means traveling the wine roads: Sagrantino, Cantico, Colli del Trasimeno and Etrusco-Romana, linked to the main crops covering the entire region. A real experiential journey of the senses that will lead you to hear forgotten sounds, to see the beauty of nature, to touch the treasures of a distant past, to taste traditional food and drinks, to breathe the fragrances of the seasons.
And then, the suggestive olive trees on the slopes of the hills, from which one of the most precious and appreciated extra virgin oils in the world is born. In particular, on the hills of Assisi-Spoleto, the land offers precious gifts to produce varieties and qualities of olive oil. November is the month of the Open Crushers: every weekend in the month, the mills participating in the event organize guided tours, tastings, concerts and much more.